Asparagus and Mascarpone Tart

Prep Time:
15 minutes
Cook Time:
30 minutes
Total Time:
45 minutes
A word from the cook
I would make 2 if your serving this as an appetizer, it will get gobbled up!

Puff pastry (use store bought), roll out into a rectangle and place on parchment lined sheet.
1 bunch of asparagus, rinsed and bottoms trimmed, then cut into half
2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
Small tub of mascarpone cheese
Olive oil, fresh pepper and salt
1 shallot (thinly sliced)
Sprigs of fresh thyme


Pre-heat oven to 425

1) Roll out puff pastry into a rectangle and place on parchment lined cookie sheet.

2) Spread the mascarpone cheese on top of the puff pastry, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and thyme.

3) Arrange the asparagus side by side completely covering the mascarpone cheese.

4) Sprinkle the garlic, cloves and shallots and more salt and pepper and then drizzle with olive oil (make sure asparagus is lightly coated with olive oil)

5) Drop some more mascarpone on top in dollops. Top with a few quick turns of fresh black pepper.

Bake approx 30 min until puff pastry has risen and golden brown. Enjoy! 🙂

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